List O Lists Internet Marketing Scholarship

A $1000 Internet Marketing Scholarship

List O Lists

List O Lists are one of the leading websites providing you with the best reviews about the services offered by different sites. You can always get more information by checking out our reviews. We analyze the information provided by various websites and compile them to meet your expectations on which site to check for a particular service or product. It is related to a wide variety of categories, and you are certain to find a website that gives more information on what you were searching for or wanted to know.
We have also created a scholarship program relate to internet marketing. There are a variety of opportunities we wish to offer to students who have a great passion for online marketing. This program requires students who are innovative and focus on high ambitions that they want to achieve in future. It incorporates both the graduate and undergraduate students pursuing different courses.

Criteria for Eligibility

The eligibility criteria will be based on your general knowledge of internet marketing. Students who pursue courses related to marketing, Business, information Technology and Communication should make their applications. You will be able to test your abilities once the program comes to an end. You also receive an award for being one of the best participants. You should show great passion for internet marketing which will determine how well you become conversant with the program.

Term of Participation

If you wish to participate in the scholarship program, we need to determine your ability and interest on the related topic. You have to come up with a brief article that talks about internet marketing. Remember to focus on the essential elements in the subject and make it engaging to the reader. There are different eligibility requirements which we will use in evaluating the best applicants and participants for the scholarship program. You can always contact us if you have any queries or want more information regarding our website.


The portal to submit your essay will open on the 15th of March 2017 and will close on 30 June 2017. Failure to adhere to this timeline will result in disqualification.

We look forward to all applicant essays. Good luck to all of you. The winner shall be announced on our web page, stay posted.

The List O Lists Team.