Top 10 Most Popular Best QTP Tutorial Websites

The Quick Test Professional is a tool used in automated regression testing. It can be used to identify gaps, errors, and defects in a system. If someone is curious about what QTP is or wants to learn anything more about it, there are many websites available. These websites provide tutorials for their users and can give them an in-depth understanding of major components of QTP. These tutorials are generally meant to help software testing professionals. It will be useful when reading these tutorials to already understand the basic aspects of VBScript and the software development lifecycle.

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These tutorials begin with a basic introduction and overview of the system. Users will discover how QTP works, what it does, and how to set it up. People will learn how the testing system functions and many other essential components. The articles within the tutorials go into extensive detail.

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They’re not just giving a general description. These sites want to give all of their users a thorough understanding. The writers of these sites will use as many words as needed and many suitable examples. They want to be sure that as much information as possible is provided in each section of the tutorial.

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Some sections of these tutorials discuss actions, DataTables, and checkpoints involved with QTP. People will also learn about debugging, how to handle errors and scenarios that may occur. Users will read about variables, files, and results.

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QTP contains many components and it’s important to be able to understand all of them, especially for someone that’s using the system. If someone wants to use a piece of technology, they can’t until they know how it works and what to do. They wouldn’t want to try any of its functions before reading up on it. These tutorials give people the knowledge they need to succeed.

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There are also examples of frameworks, models, and programming in the tutorials. The writers of the articles strive to use both images and text to ensure that their readers know what’s going on. They want to keep people intrigued with what they’re reading and inform them at the same time. There are many resources provided by these websites. They give their users a plethora of materials, more than just their articles. They also offer tests to users if they want to know how well they have retained the information. These websites help people learn and can be accessed twenty-four-seven.

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  • Tutorialspoint
    1 – list O lists Rank | 16,806,000 – Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | 1,658 – Global Rank | 206 – Country Rank | 729 – Alexa Rank
  • Guru99
    2 – list O lists Rank | 1,551,700 – Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | 29,736 – Global Rank | 1,950 – Country Rank | 11668 – Alexa Rank
  • Softwaretestinghelp
    3 – list O lists Rank | 769,000 – Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | 57,405 – Global Rank | 4,775 – Country Rank | 26401 – Alexa Rank
  • Learnqtp
    4 – list O lists Rank | 68,200 – Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | 485,169 – Global Rank | 31,899 – Country Rank | 394945 – Alexa Rank
  • Automationrepository
    5 – list O lists Rank | 51,100 – Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | 930,729 – Global Rank | 60,580 – Country Rank | 511326 – Alexa Rank

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  • Onestoptesting
    6 – list O lists Rank | 47,400 – Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | 973,367 – Global Rank | 58,510 – Country Rank | 544070 – Alexa Rank
  • Advancedqtp
    7 – list O lists Rank | 0 – Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | 3,590,017 – Global Rank | 1,610,046 – Country Rank | 1559396 – Alexa Rank
  • Qatutorial
    8 – list O lists Rank | 0 – Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | 3,907,229 – Global Rank | 1,166,709 – Country Rank | 4465932 – Alexa Rank
  • Lessons99
    9 – list O lists Rank | 0 – Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | 15,959,986 – Global Rank | N/A – Country Rank | 6911136 – Alexa Rank
  • Perlmentor
    10 – list O lists Rank | 0 – Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors | 14,910,694 – Global Rank | N/A – Country Rank | N/A – Alexa Rank

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